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To kick off my new blog, I’m starting by sharing a fabulous podcast series, The Disruptive Niche brought to you by Jet Black Squares. 

Jet Black Squares is a hub for everything creative surrounding the smartphone. Jet, founder and Creative Director of Jet Black Squares, found her niche when she identified a gap in the market for Smartphone photography workshops. Since becoming a digital disruptor and rethinking creative media, Jet has gone on the hunt for the best disruptive and niche businesses. These fascinating podcast episodes are lighthearted conversations with business entrepreneurs who have chosen to think outside the box in their business, to niche in their field and smash it. 

I had the privilege of joining Jet in the latest episode where we talk about the impacts of Covid-19 on my makeup artistry business and my passion about making women over 40 feel fabulous. We also discuss my belief that the most expensive products are, in a lot of cases, not the best, and why to not dismiss cheaper brands. 

You can also hear about how lockdown has given me the time to return to my first love – painting. My canvas collection will soon be available to purchase through Alyna Art which I look forward to sharing with you as soon as the link is up and running. 

Visit The Disruptive Niche podcast and listen to the latest episode.


Clare Pinkney Surrey Makeup & Hair Artist Logo

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